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Ski longer

Ski stronger

Ski with less joint stress


Have your Mojo individually fitted by our specialist physiotherapist Cath Cruse-Drew:

  • Years of Mojo experience

  • Kit adjustments to cater for your individual biomechanics and injuries

  • Fitting is included in the kit price

How it works:

The Ski Mojo works with an adjustable spring to support around 1/3 of your body weight. By compressing the springs in the bending phase, it restores energy and increases muscle power during extension. This reduces vibrations, impacts and pressure on the knees and reduces muscle fatigue and soreness. It can also help relieve the hips and back.

Ski Equipment

>Check out the Ski Mojo UK website for more information and to see video of the Ski Mojo in action

>Use the contact page below to send your enquiry

>Cath will contact you to arrange a phone chat (no charge) to answer questions and discuss your individual needs for the kit set-up

>If you would like to proceed, Cath will order the kit for you and make an appointment for you to attend the clinic - usually after 4.00 pm weekdays.

>You will need to bring your own ski boots to the fitting

>Cath will set the kit up for you. It takes around an hour to get everything right, to practice putting the kit on and off and to make sure you're happy with the set up

>There is no obligation to buy, but if you decide to take the kit, you can pay for it in clinic and you're all set for the mountains!

>The price is currently £594 (including fitting by Cath). This is the same price you would pay if you bought the kit online and fitted it by yourself

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