Happy Monday everyone.

Well! I have been treating clients for 3 weeks now under the new regime. 

The fresh laundry for every client, which is complimenting the full spray and wipe down after each client has left, seems to be going down well. I think the fresh pillow slips and towel is something I will continue to do even when treatments have returned to normal.

The procedure that we are following at Dorset Private Physiotherapy is as follows:

We all have to wear masks, as do our clients. I have to meet you in the carpark. (Use of waiting rooms is not allowed). I will ask you some screening questions and take your forehead temperature using an infra-red thermometer at a distance. Once in the clinic you will be asked to sanitise your hands from a touchless dispenser in my room.

These elements were all fine when I did a trial. but when I used paper towel on the vinyl couch it promptly fell off onto the floor with the slightest encouragement. I used waterproof wipe down pillows, these kept falling on the floor and are quite unpleasent against the face and skin. Maintaining modesty with the use of a towel is not allowed to prevent cross infection from client to client.

As a result, I have decided to avoid clinical wipe-down surfaces being in contact with the clients' skin. Every customer will enjoy fresh pillow slips, cotton couch cover, fleece towel and a disposable face cushion cover (if required). These fabric coverings will be removed after the client has left the room and placed in a waterproof laundry bag. Surfaces will then be sansitised as recommended by my professional body's guidelines.


The guidelines dictate I add 15 minutes to my appointment slot to allow for the cleaning process and the personal chaperoning.


As a result I have added £5 to my clinic charge which brings it to £60. I have also taken the decision to no longer take payment for treatment as part of clients health insurance.

The remittance they offer is no longer financially viable. If you wish to see me and self pay, I will then email you a receipt and you can try and claim some money back yourselves. I am very sorry about having to take this step but it has been coming for a while now as insurance companies continue to refuse to increase payment for physiotherapy sessions.


So it's all going to be a bit different. But essentially the same. You will visit. I will listen, then look and together we will decide on a action plan on how to manage your issue in the most efficient, kindest and above all safest way. You will all continue to get a personalised exercise program with videos and pictures from the Physio Tools facility that I use as part of the advice you receive.


Best wishes