Tim Cruse-Drew

In 2007 I was introduced to Liz Yelling two time Olympic marathon runner, Bronze medalist at the 2006 commonwealth games, and winner of numerous other races. I had the privilege to work with her over her 2008 and 2012 Olympic campaigns. An amazing experience which was a massive learning curve, humbling and enormous fun. She is indeed one of the most capable yet understated human beings I have had the pleasure to work with.

Thank you Lizzie x

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Steve Way, Comrades marathon.



Well! what can you say about this man. Today (10/06/2018) at 44 years of age, Steve Way came 3rd in the 91 km race Comrades Marathon. An absolutely stunning and very mature performance. He stuck to his race plan and all of his hard work this year paid off in a quite dramatic final 10 km. At the second to last split time he sat in 8th position, at the final split time he was sitting in 5th place,and with the TV coverage focussing on the leader, Steve quietly picked off the competition with viewers unaware. The commentators were totally awestruck when the cameras finally started following 2nd and 3rd place runners.

In 2017 I was approached by the amazing Peter Thompson. We had made acquaintance over the years with me helping him through injuries while running very competent 2:30 marathons.

But this time he invited me to help him complete 44 marathons in 44 days running around Europe. He did this to raise awareness for issues around mental health and money for the mind charity. A more gracious, gentle and truly altruistic human being you will struggle to find. 

We are currently working on 70 marathons in 70 days along the Tour de France route. Good luck loon!

I trained as a Physio at St Mary's hospital in Paddington and Graduated in 1989. I was only the second male to graduate from St Mary's, in what was then a female dominated profession. I was unconventional in my thinking and would always challenge my lecturers for the basis of their clinical opinions. I was fortunate enough to have teachers who were willing to challenge their own beliefs and entertain my left- field thoughts.

I worked in the NHS and developed a keen interest in the nervous system and especially the mechanisms underpinning the pain experience. In particular, persistent chronic pain. This was a result of a few pivotal experiences in which complex patients were left on the heap of difficult to manage "it's all in their head" category. I have made it my mission in my professional life to understand and help these kind of individuals to achieve a more acceptable living experience. 

Steve Way local Dorset legend. His story is well known and you can read all about it on his site. We met through the running community and shared the same ridiculous sense of humour and delight in running based facts and figures. 

Steve also very graciously put his trust in me to help him through multiple marathons including the 2010 Commonwealth games, 50km, 100km and of course Comrades marathon last year where he came an astonishing 9th. Good luck mate and keep that arm swinging!!

Steve Way, Comrades marathon.
Pete Thompson, Marathons for the mind.

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Eddie Izzard

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And of course it wouldn't be right if I didn't mention Eddie Izzard the marathon man. 

27 marathons in 27 days across South Africa following the footsteps of the life of Nelson Madiba Mandela. We did this in 2016 for Sport relief and raised £2.4 million for the cause. The details of the trip are documented on Eddie's web site follow this link. If you would like me to share some of my experiences to a School, Running club or any charitable organisation then please get in touch via e mail. I still work closely with Eddie, attempting to keep him fit and healthy in preparation for his next crazy idea. I don't know where or when it will be, I just know I will get minimal notice!! If you want to watch the BBC 3 highlights of the trip follow the link on Eddie's name above.